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Beth Kim

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I deeply cherish my time working with families and I am committed to creating a non-judgmental growing and healing atmosphere where you can be listened to, valued, respected and cared for. As a mom, and an educator with 14 years experience, a private tutor, a coach, and wellness and mindfulness retreat facilitator, I would love to support you and your family.


I am deeply concerned for the well-being of children, teens, young adults and all those who care for and support their journeys. I believe supporting you and your child with regulation, connection, and felt safety can make a huge difference for you, your family, and our community


As a mom, I've spent the majority of the last 13 years developing my toolbox, and I'm here to collaborate with you as you navigate the ups and downs with relationship support, ideas for navigating the school system, homework support, tutoring, tools for parenting (including highly sensitive/deep feeling/neurodivergent people), and strategies so you and your family can thrive. 

My  experience teaching Kindergarten-fifth grade has given me many skills in inspiring early mathematicians, writers, and readersI would love to work with you or your child in finding new competencies, and a love of learning


I have a Bachelors degree in Developmental Psychology from The Evergreen State College, a Masters in Education from Pacific Lutheran University. I'm currently pursuing my MBSR teaching certificate from Brown University. I'm an avid reader and bring the latest information and strategies together with my own hard-won expertise and lots of encouragement and empathy to support evolving families. I believe we need to slow down and lead with love and compassion (for ourselves and others), and the rest will fall into place.


For a complimentary session to see how I can support you and your family, let's connect today!


I'm a mom, an educator, a wellness retreat facilitator, and a parent/caregiver coach.

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I've been working with families the last two decades and cherish the memories we've made. Parenting is big work, and you're not alone. Reach out today to schedule. I look forward to connecting with you!


2023-Current Parent/Caregiver & Family Coach

Supporting Families with regulation to find more joy and harmony.

2023-Current Wellness Retreat Facilitator

Guiding with mindfulness and connecting people at The ONE Center

2010-Current Teacher and Private Tutor

13 years as a K-5th grade teacher and current adjunct college professor.

2007-2008 ESL Tutor in Seoul

Private and small group tutor in Seoul, South Korea.

2000-2007 Nanny

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Nanny for children age birth to 12 years.

“It’s a blessing to have Beth in our community teaching, supporting and nurturing our children, and I feel so grateful.

Having a very sensitive child with a lot of sensory processing issues and anxiety, our family was dreading his transition into the world of public school. With Beth as his teacher, for his first two years, he thrived from the first day. He became more confident and self-assured. He learned so much, both academically and emotionally, and blossomed during his time with her.

Beth has an innate sense of what children need and gives them the time, support and resources to feel supported and to work at their own pace. She is a great problem solver, and is incredibly empathetic and communicative. She manages to focus entirely on the children she’s working with while also connecting with the entire family.

I have no idea what we would have done without Beth in our kiddo’s corner, and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Emma H.

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